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The Raw Herbs

Authentication-The starting of the process of the raw material for preparation of a medicament should be authenticated on the basis of Botanical (Pharmacognostic) characters.


Sensory evaluation & other morphological characteristics -To be matched with standard reference.  Visual characters like size, colour, surface characteristics like texture and fracture characteristics and other characters like odour and taste. The size of the plant material may be used as an identification character. The colour of the material may be compared with an authentic material for genuineness. The odour of the plants may be a characteristic feature.

Washing  process



The medicinal plant should be free from visible signs of contamination by insects, molds and other animal contamination. Foreign matter refers to the material, other than the desired part of the drug. Manual sorting to eliminate  foreign matter of the ingredients separately.


Preliminary Washing

Washing with running RO/DM water in SS Herb Washing Machine to eliminate adhered dust or other substances to the crude organic drug separately.


Final Washing

Three RO/DM washings to the ingredient to eliminate any further foreign matter & final   rinsing   is given separately with RO/DM water.



Water is soaked in layered muslin cloth from washed herbs with slight compression & kept in rectangular SS trays in a hot air oven at 45°C.

Grinding Process

Stage No. -1 (Coarse Crush):
Grinding is done through 10 no. sieve.

Filteration Process

Pre- Filtration: The whole powder subjected to ordinary sieve filtration B Final Filtration: Sieve no. 100/ muslin cloth, Particle Size : 80 mesh: Fine powder D, Description of particle size: As follows:



Type of mixing: Dry to Dry; the powder is mixed in a double cone blender to get a uniform homogenized powder.
Time of mixing:
2 Hours; one hour clockwise direction & one hour anti-clockwise direction

Quality Control

Quality Control

Quality control measures to comply: Powder

  1. Analysis Status: Should Comply as per pharmacopeia: Herb Fingerprinting
  2. Loss on Drying
  3. Total Ash
  4. Acid-insoluble ash
  5. Extractable value (Alcohol and Water)

End Product

After undergoing the entire process, the end product derived from these procedures serves various purposes based on specific requirements. It finds applications in herb marking, capsule production, and formulation development.

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